Energy Assessment

Energy Assessment

Having a properly maintained HVAC system is not just about having the best or newest equipment. Even with a new heating or cooling system, you could have inefficiencies in other areas. Nationwide is committed to providing the best products to our customers and making sure that those are working at peak performance; that’s why we offer energy assessments. It is the first step to assess how much energy your home is currently consuming and help to identify potential measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient. This will increase your comfort at home and can save you money on your energy bills.

Since no two homes are the same, our energy assessments take place in your home and review the specific equipment you’re using. We also take into account your lifestyle and typical energy usage as a way to identify potential savings and increase efficiency. Correcting energy inefficiencies is a proactive measure towards the smooth operation of your home and can also save you significant money over time. If you think you may have inefficiencies in your system, either due to temperature variations, high energy bills, or other reasons, you are a great candidate for an energy assessment.

All Energy Assessments by Nationwide include:

  • A free in-home assessment
  • Thorough examination of heating and air conditioning equipment
  • Inspect for safety issues and look to prevent future concerns
  • Review of current natural gas and electricity usage
  • Identify potential savings
  • Assess qualification for government rebates or incentives

In-Home Assessment

We begin our process by having a Nationwide associate meet with you at your home. This initial assessment is no obligation and free of cost. They do a preliminary assessment of your home, noting its size, wall area and number of rooms. To get an understanding of potential energy savings, they’ll ask questions about how often the rooms in the house are used, if anyone is home during the day, how many people live in your home, and what the average thermostat setting is in both the winter and summer. Our associate will address any questions you may have and provide a brief inspection to see if you are a good candidate for a further in-depth inspection.

Examination of Equipment

If you choose to go ahead, we’ll do a thorough inspection of your heating and air conditioning equipment. In doing so, any inefficiencies in the systems, as well as the operating costs of each unit are reviewed.

Inspect for Safety Issues

Technical issues with either heating or air conditioning equipment can be a potential safety hazard and also impact the smooth operation of your systems. Our team of experts aims to prevent these issues before they happen, saving you time, money and frustration. Keeping your system working effectively and safely is a primary objective.

Review Current Energy Usage

We want to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to on your energy bills. Nationwide reviews your past utility bills to get an idea of your current usage of natural gas and electricity. This helps them to understand ways in which you could be saving money, as well as point out inefficiencies that are costing you more. In the process of reviewing your bills, we’ll also look for potential savings by reviewing your plans and subscriptions to ensure you’re not making unnecessary payments.

Identify Potential Savings

Many of our customers are enrolled in protection plans and subscriptions that are expensive and have gaps in coverage. During this step of the energy assessment, we offer a comparison between these programs and our own Heating Protection Plans and Cooling Protection Plans. We’re also able to provide an on-the-spot estimate of savings by upgrading older or inefficient equipment with Nationwide Home Comfort.

Review Qualification for Rebates/Incentives

The government currently has several rebates and incentives up to $2,100 for homeowners who choose to upgrade their older and less efficient systems.  Our team of staff can offer the most current and up-to-date information and identify rebates or incentives that will apply to your specific needs. This can help offset the cost of a heating or air conditioning upgrade with Nationwide Home Comfort.

Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives today to book your customized in-home energy assessment.

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