Save Money and Go Green

Save Money & Go Green with Nationwide Home Comfort

Residential and commercial properties as well as industrial developments across Canada use a plethora of small, medium and large appliances. There are furnaces, boilers, water heaters, air conditioning or HVAC units, water softeners and water filters and an array of home, business and industrial appliances. Most appliances are a necessity.

Some are optional but they are still quintessential for comfort. When you rely on so many appliances, it is important to check its carbon footprint. Even if you are not too conscious of the environmental impact of your energy consumption and heavy use of appliances, you should conduct an energy assessment to figure out if you can save some money on your monthly utility bills.

That is where Nationwide Home Comfort plays a pivotal role. Very few property owners are proactive with energy assessments. Homeowners often wonder why their energy bills or water bills spiked for a few months, leaving aside the obvious hot days and freezing weeks. Many business owners wonder if they can do something about their energy consumption.

The truth is that you can do a lot. You can initiate energy assessment to find loopholes or outright poor practices of using different appliances. You can change your air conditioning and heating systems or the HVAC unit. You can upgrade old infrastructure so you can benefit from state of the art technology, greater efficiency and better green ratings.
Let us just factor in an HVAC unit or an air conditioning system and show you how you can save money and go green with Nationwide Home Comfort.

  • An old air conditioning unit will obviously be powered by dated technology. It is no secret that the evolution of technology is not just rapid but becoming a perennial reality now. Did you know that a state of the art air conditioning system can save more than half the energy consumed by a decade old one? If you had purchased an air conditioner in the nineties or even if your HVAC unit dates back to the early years of this century, you should consider getting an upgrade.
  • There are many reasons why you should consider latest appliances. With an air conditioner for instance, latest models are powered by R-410A which is the hydro-fluorocarbon coolant used in air conditioners now. Older machines are powered by R-22. R-410A is not only greener but it saves you a lot more money on energy consumption while offering faster and better cooling.
  • Whether you want increased efficiency or enhance comfort, incentives, government rebates or you want your property value to  appreciate; you can save money and go green while achieving all of these with Nationwide Home Comfort.
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